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Leader in podiatry care: Director, Tracey Craig


Tracey Craig is the Principle Podiatrist and Director of Lifestyle Podiatry. Tracey has nearly 30 years of experience working as a podiatrist.

She has vast experience working in the private sector and has an excellent relationship with local medical professionals. Tracey has worked locally in Mt Gravatt and Annerley areas for the past 28 years, her clinics being integrated within the Porter Eyecare/Eyecare QLD buildings.

She enjoys her role within the health community, keeping her patients active and mobile, reducing foot risks and providing quality foot care.

Tracey has been a University Supervisor at the QUT Podiatry School, Treasurer of the Queensland Podiatry Association, and proud mother to 3 adult children.

Tracey also has a keen interest in sports, her own background being in competitive swimming and netball. She is also a very keen supporter of her family’s involvement in Rugby Union, with one son being a Junior Wallaby and currently signed QLD Reds Player, and her husband’s rugby coaching extending to being Head Coach of the QLD Super W Team.

While Tracey has recently retired from netball, she continues to support her daughter, who coaches, and now plays socially after years of club and representative netball, cross country and basketball.

Tracey has previously been active in coaching, umpiring, administration and past club President. Now she is a supportive parent and partner!

Our core values


Tracey is a committed Member of the Australian Podiatry Association QLD, governed by APHRA.


Tracey is committed to upholding your private and personal information.


Podiatry care is individualised. Time frames, return appointments, and recovery are specific to the individual.


Understanding your personal foot care needs and accelerating your Podiatry goals.


Tracey has a passion for high-quality podiatry care and attention, and information is provided in a way you can relate to and understand.

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Frequently Asked Question


In most cases, a referral is not needed to see a podiatrist. However, certain patients such as those with the Department of Veterans Affairs cards, Medicare Care Plans and EPC’s will need referrals from their GP.

We also have HICAPS onsite so you can claim directly from your Private Health funds.

It is the Patients responsibility to bring the correct referral to the appointments, failure to do so may impact on the rebates and charges applied

How long is an appointment?

30 mins duration for your appointment, Tracey Craig may opt to increase the time required, based on the specific need.

What is a general appointment?

General consultations and treatments cover a wide scope of foot problems, including:

What is a general appointment?

General consultations and treatments cover a wide scope of foot problems, including:

How should I cut my toenails correctly?

Ensure you cut across your toenail and not down the sides. Follow the nails’ natural curvature. Cutting too far down the edge of the nail using incorrect cutting technique can result in sharp edges which may eventually irritate and pierce the skin.

Does footwear matter with ingrown toenails?

Yes, definitely. It’s important to wear footwear which fits the shape of your foot. Shoes which are too short or too narrow/pointed in the forefoot area are going to push the toes together and aggravate any ingrown toenails.

Who should I see to fix my ingrown toenail?

Podiatrists governed by the Podiatry Board of Australia that are required to work to a minimum standard with strict sterilisation guidelines. Your Podiatrist is a qualified professional trained to treat ingrown toenails along with other foot pain disorders.

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